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Selasa, 10 Februari 2009
Overdue / 4:22 PG

I'm sorry for this overdue post. I totally forgot to post about this one.

Well anyways, it was on the day the Olevel results were released out here in Brunei, which was probably a few weeks ago. Yes, lama sudah bah. Hehe.

Back to the story, after the results were released, Alhamdulillah I passed and so ibu and ayah brought us out for dinner that same day. Hehe. Dinner at MOD Restaurant was awesome.

What was nice was that I get to order the foods myself. Hehe.

I like this private room where we get to sit on the floor and everything, but it was reserved that night. So, duduk sini untuk pose dalam gambar saja lah. Hehe, I'll definitely bring my friends here someday.

The foods


Heart-shaped plain rice

My favourite, seafood salad.

That's oyster sauce mixed vege, chicken cashew nut, and the seafood salad

After that, baru ada the tomyam thick soup, spring and onion beef, and a whole sweet&sour fish. Those I mention are the ones yang inda sempat ambil gambar. Lupa sudah because terlampau lapar. Hehe.

After eating and enjoying, what's left was

Hehe. Till then, take care.


Ahad, 11 Januari 2009
Recently... / 8:12 PTG

Ibu and ayah celebrated their wedding anniversary. Ibu called her friends since it was also a farewell party because ibu moved to a new workplace.



live performance from the family

ibu on the vocals, ayah on the bass guitar, kakak playing the guitar, and me playing the violin

And then, school reopens. Eiz was very excited to go to his new school. He goes to school by bus now, hehehe.

Eiz's first day

School badge

Eiz and ibu at his new school

Eiz being dropped off by the school bus. Sampai masuk ke rumah lagi bas ah. Bagus eh. hehe


Khamis, 1 Januari 2009
Greetings from kami kami / 5:46 PG


Goodbye 2008 and hello 2009

And your new year's resolution is?

Anyways, enjoy a fresh new start, another new beginning. Another fresh new year is here, another year to live! Cheers for a new year and another chance for us to get it right.


Rabu, 24 Disember 2008
FOOD / 2:49 PG

Recently, the family went lunch at Le Taj for Indian food. It was awesome. Nyamaaan~ hehe. Let the pictures do the talking, walaupun sikit saja gambarnya.

menunggu kelaparan

ibu membuat kerajanya lah seperti biasa =P kerajinan~

the food tadaaaaa~
plain briyani

beef jalfraizze

tandoori chicken

Yang lain, belum sampai time ambil gambar. Inda sempat ambil gambar hehehe kena belasah terus


And AFTER licin habis

woah my plate

More food to come in the near future.
Sorry the pictures not clear, my phone's low megapixel.


Ahad, 21 Disember 2008
Akan Datang / 5:04 PG

Coming Soon

Akan datang di pawagam awda..

Perjalanan hidup
suka dan duka
kami kami sekeluarga

yatah nyangku

sembang sembang

remembered as legend
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